Car Battery Charger

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Car battery charger is what you will need to bring back any dead car battery back to life. Most battery chargers can be connected to a regular electrical outlet and then to the battery terminal. Some car battery charger charge slowly while others charge instantly. You can usually start the car after only about 3 minutes but to complete the charge you need more than 2 hours of charging. Some batteries are required to be charged on a very specific voltage level on the initial charging and less voltage when they are at near full capacity. In this way, overheating the batteries and permanently damaging the 12 volt battery is avoided. You can use the 12v car battery charger one battery at a time.

Some car battery charger will automatically reduce the voltage when the car battery has reached a certain charge. Some car battery chargers do this by monitor the temperature while others uses a voltage sensor which is faster and better. When the car battery charger is finished and your battery is fully charged, it will stop charging. If you have an electric car, you need a different kind of car battery charger.

Car Battery Charging

Charging a car battery while on the road and you find yourself with a dead car battery whether you have a battery trickle charger or a large car battery charger can easily and effectively done. You need to find the battery or the charging point to get started. You can open the hood and check under the seat. Remove any protective covering which can be pushed to the side. Remember to check for the negative and positive terminals which are labeled appropriately. Be sure to make the cable of the car battery charger reach the car battery and that your 12 volt car battery charger can reach an electrical outlet.

Connect the clamps of the 12 volt car battery charger. Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal of the car battery and the black clamp to the negative terminal of the car battery. You can trace the cables back to the battery charger to make sure it is connected properly. Plug in the 12 volt battery charger and select the right voltage. You can opt to choose a slower rate and charge the batter for more that 2 hours. After the battery is fully charged, you can unplug the battery charger, disconnect the cables and start your car.

Car Battery Charging Tips

The charging current needs to be depleted after the car battery is fully charged to stop the charging process and to avoid damaging the 12 volt car battery. Some car battery chargers have a predetermined voltage limit and terminates the charge when it is reached. This is very important to fast battery chargers where a greater risk of overcharging is present. Overcharging the battery will cause the temperature to rise. The high temperature will shorten the batteries life that is why monitoring the battery temperature is a good practice to detect trouble. This safety practice in car battery chargers will avoid damaging the battery where the result of failure could be expensive and dangerous.